Mulligans Golf

NOTICE:  CLOSING – Mulligans Golf will be closing on Friday, September 23, at 8 pm and will be closed for approximately 30 days for maintenance.  This includes both the golf course AND the driving range.  Thank you for your patience. 

Mulligans Golf is a Par 3, 9-hole golf course located in northwest Houston.  It’s family owned and operated and we pride ourselves on having a facility where families and friends can play in a safe and friendly environment.   (See our Zero Tolerance policy.)

We are a public, family-friendly facility that’s great for beginners or serious golfers who just want a short game.

Just click on the tabs above to learn more about pricing and other information on the golf course and driving range.

Tee times are not required. Most of the time you can just walk in and walk on.

When you play at Mulligans Golf, we encourage you to obey the rules of golf and be safe. Mulligans Golf and its owners are not responsible for injuries caused by another golfer.